Dr. Marilyn Glenville Supplements Vitamin C Plus 60 tabs


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Dr. Marilyn Glenville Supplements Vitamin C Plus

Vitamin C 1000mg. This essential vitamin is important for optimum health and the efficient functioning if the different systems of the body including the immune system. It also helps to build collagen, the cement that holds the bone matrix together. 

Vitamin C Plus 1000mg. Along with the other supplements, vitamin C can help burn off that fat around the middle. Research has shown that people who have good levels of vitamin C (not deficient) burn 30% more fat when doing moderate exercise that those who have low levels. It is thought that when Vitamin C levels are low, the body slows doen the burning off of fat as a safety measure.
Vitamin C is also crucial for your adrenal gland function. We know that it is one of the stress hormones produced by the adrenal glands that tells your body to store fat around the middle

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