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Dr Tolonen’s E-EPA 60 caps


EPA is a unique refined fish oil preparation, ethyl ester of the eicosapentaeonic acid (EPA), which from research is believed to be superior to all other conventional Omega-3 products. Each capsule contains the amazing amount of 70 % (500 mg), alternatively 90 % (650 mg), pure vacuum destilled E-EPA plus vitamin E as antioxidant and 5 g vitamin D.

Conventional omega-3s contain only 15 to 35 % EPA. A typical fish oil capsule sold in stores contains 1000 mg of fish oil of which only 180 mg is EPA and 120 mg is DHA. The other 700 mg are other oils not known to be of benefit (on the contrary).

Due to both molecular and vacuum destillations, E-EPA is free from cholesterol, triglycerides, trans fatty acids and environmental pollutants, such as mercury, lead, PCB and dioxin, unlike most other fish oil products on the market.

E-EPA is not to be confused with ordinary EPA or EPA concentrate, as it is not triglycerides but rather ethyl ester of EPA, commonly called E-EPA. The ethyl group added in the vacuum distlliation to EPA makes E-EPA more lipofilic, and hence it is absorbed better and it easily passes the blood brain barrier via the lipophilic pathway.

It is well known that the omega 3 oils found in fish, expecially oily fish from cold waters, have many healthy benefits.� The active ingredient in fish oils is EPA The abbreviation EPA stands for eicosapentaenoic acid, which exerts many beneficial health effects in the body.� It can:

Help reduce inflammation in joints and ulcerative colitis
Decrease the likelihood of developing cardiovascular disease
Help to control our cholesterol
Help people with depression and anxiety disorders
Help infants brains and to develop and function properly
Helps to heal dry skin
E-EPA is unique with respect to its strength and multiple biological effects. E-EPA produces in the body protective nanomolecules called resolvines. The raw materal for our E-EPA is totally natural extracted from pure fatty fish in the Pacific Ocean, specifically sardines and manhaden (which is similar to the herring family).

What is E-EPA?
EPA is an polyunsaturated fatty acid present in fat fish. The abbreviation EPA stands for eicosapentaenoic acid. E-EPA stands for ethyl-EPA. Our body turns it into hormone-like substances, so-called eicosanoids, which exert many beneficial effects in the body.

E-EPA is an improved "pharmaceutical" version of the EPA. E-EPA is biologically more potent than the traditional fish oils and some newer omega-3 products. All omega-3 products are derived from fish oil which have about 50 kinds of fatty acids. In order to concentrate EPA to 70-90 %, it has to be ethyl-esterificated. However, many other products are not fully ethyl-esterficated and they are distillated using only molecular distillation and hence they still contain triglyceride, diglyceride and mono-glyceride form oils. In other words, the traditional fish oil is not as clean as E-EPA. Glyceride-form fats react with calcium and magnesium (in the intestine and blood) to form large sope molecules, which neither absorbe well nor pass the blood brain barrier as easily as E-EPA.

We use molecular distillation as pre-treatment for high vacuum distillation which is more sophisticated technique. Using high vacuum distillation, one fatty acid (e.g., EPA) can be highly concentrated, and the product�s colour is pale and its odor and taste are mild. E-EPA is pure from environmental impurities (e.g, mercury and pesticides) and it is biologically more efficient than only molecular distillated products.

Dosage: One capsule daily, unless an increased dosage is recommended by a health professional. (One gram of E-EPA corresponds to approximately 5.5 grams of fish-oil concentrate or 10 grams (approximately 2 teaspoons) of cod liver oil.)

Several recent studies have highlighted the benefits of Omega 3 fatty acids for Inflammation of the bowels.

Dr Tolonen’s E-EPA is the biggest selling purified Omega 3 in Scandinavia. We have chosen this brand for our customers as it has all impurities removed. This means it is free from Mercury, PCB’s and Dioxins.

It also contains high levels of EPA (70%). EPA is the main active ingredient in Omega 3 oil.

Dr Tolonen’s E-EPA is an ideal complement to any of the Lepicol range of products.


Ethyl esterised fish oil concentrate 68%, Gelatine, Glycerol, Antioxidants Vitamin E (D-alpha tocopherol), Vitamin D

�Nutritional information

Per capsule

Energy Kcal  5 Kcal Kj

Carbohydrate 0%

Protein 0%

Fat 100%

Saturated 3-4%

Unsaturated 96-97%

Omega 3 Fatty Acids 75%

EPA (Eicososapentaenoic Acid) 500mg


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