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Dunstan Baby Language System

The Dunstan Baby System is a breakthrough in parent/infant communication, developed by an Australian mum, Priscilla Dunstan. Nine years of global research has demonstrated that this breakthrough represents a truly universal communication shared by all newborns. Babies use a combination of natural reflexes plus sounds to create unique "words" which verbalize their everyday needs – taking the trial-and-error out of parenting and enabling parents to settle their babies faster.


Taught via an informative DVD/booklet set, the System teaches parents to learn how to tune-in and listen to their baby, and leads them through the five everyday "words" for hunger, lower wind, need to burp, tiredness and discomfort that babies use from birth.

Parents will be able to interpret their baby’s sounds and cries and respond to their needs quickly and effectively.        


Independent research studies across the UK, Australia and America revealed that parents reported happier, more contented babies who sleep more, cry less and settle more easily. The benefits for parents themselves included increased maternal confidence, reduced stress and greater family involvement in infant care.

The Product includes:

  • 2 DVD set
  • 64 page reference booklet and Baby Notes Journal
  • Wall Chart
  • Subtitles: French/Spanish/Italian/German/Dutch/Swedish/Norwegian/Danish/Hebrew/ Finnish/Portuguese
  • PAL Format

Dunstan Baby Language Questions

“Do babies really use language?”

Babies use sound and gestures to communicate their basic needs.

These sounds are not random. They are produced by their body in response to a physical need. If these needs are not met or are ignored, cries may become louder and babies become more upset.

These sounds or “words” form the basis of what we have called the Dunstan Baby Language.

“Is the Dunstan Baby Language difficult to learn?”

Not at all, this is not like trying to learn a foreign language. Once you have tuned your ear and are familiar with the sounds your baby makes, you will begin to understand your infant’s cries. The Dunstan Baby Language is simply about knowing what to listen for within your baby’s sounds and cries to determine what they need, so that you are able to respond appropriately.

“Will this System help my baby sleep better?”

When your infant is happy and content you will find they will sleep better. Settling a tired baby is much easier than a baby who is wide awake or one that has become over tired. By understanding the sounds and acting when your baby is ‘saying’ the tired word, you will be able to settle them faster and establish a routine more easily.

“Will my baby doesn’t make all the sounds everyday?”

Remember that your baby is expressing its needs through sound, so you will only hear those ‘words’ of the needs that are to be met. You will therefore find that those ‘words’ that indicate what your baby requires will be the ones that occur more frequently, i.e. if sleeping is an issue then the sleep word will occur more often.

“Does the Dunstan Baby Language work for babies older than 3 months?”

Research has shown that the Dunstan System is most successful for babies between birth and three months. This is because the System is based on reflexes, and these reflexes ‘switch off’ at around this stage. Some babies however, will continue to say some of the ‘words’ past three months of age.

“Are the settling techniques shown the ones I should use?”

The settling techniques on the DVDs are some of the more popular ones used. They are included to give you some idea of what to do once you have recognized your baby’s need. Always do what you feel is best for your baby. If you are having difficulties or need more help with settling techniques please consult a professional.

“I’m from a non-English speaking background; will the Dunstan Baby Language work for my baby?”

The Dunstan Baby Language is a universal system of communication that is based on reflexes. It is innate rather than learned. So in the same way a laugh, sneeze or hiccup is a sound shared by us all, the sounds your baby makes are also universal and not dependent on a specific culture, accent or race. As such it has none of the problems typically associated with learning an adult language.

“Can fathers learn it too?”
Yes, fathers can learn the Dunstan Baby Language and in fact the System equips them with powerful knowledge to have greater paternal involvement with their newborn. Couples that have learnt the System together report a greater sense of esteem in caring for their baby and reduced stress in the family home.
The Dunstan Baby Language can also be learnt by grandparents, siblings, and other caregivers.

“Does the System work with premature babies?”

Our research to date has not included any preterm babies, and thus we cannot profess to know if the System will or will not apply to premature babies.

We are currently supplying the program to several mothers of premature babies to learn how the program relates to these babies.


The Dunstan Baby Language System has also received much support from UK health care professionals and has recently been rewarded two positive reviews from Midwivesonline and Health Visitors online.

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