East Cape New Zealand Manawa Manuka Honey UMF15+ 250g


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East Cape New Zealand Manawa Manuka Honey UMF15+ 250g
A smooth fine crystalline high active Manuka honey.Manawa Manuka Honey
Research found that not all Manuka Oils from New Zealand are biologically active. Only Manuka oil from the East Cape region of New Zealand contains high levels of "triketones", the naturally occurring chemical compound that provides the anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal properties and gives it the "Active UMF" label. All Manuka Oil is batch tested by Cawthorn Institute of Crop & Food Research to verify all Manawa Manuka oil products contain high levels of triketones to ensure their healing ability.�
Although it is only in the last decade that the Manuka tree has begun to be recognized and understood through science – the Maori people, or the indigenous people of New Zealand, have long known the strength and healing ability of the Manuka tree

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