ECOS Laundry Liquid Magnolia & Lily 100 wash (2.96ltr)


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ECOS Laundry Liquid Magnolia & Lily 100 wash (2.96ltr)

ECOS Laundry Liquid is a very concentrated laundry detergent made from natural plant based surfactants. It has a built-in soy based fabric softener.It cleans very effectively, leaves your clothes soft. ECOS Liquid with Lilies and Magnolia has a delightful subtle smell. As little as 30ml per load is required for front loading machines.

Ingredients : Plant based surfactant, soap bark, chamomile, horsetail plant, lavender, rosemary, soy based fabric softener, essential oils of magnolias and lilies, purified water. NB: no GM soy is use

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