Efamol EPO Liquid 30ml


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Efamol EPO Liquid 30ml


Essential Fatty Acids are like vitamins because they cannot be manufactured by the body and must be obtained from dietary sources. Once ingested, the main dietary essential fatty acid, linoleic acid (LA), must be transformed first to GLA in this process and then to a whole series of other natural substances essential to the body’s well being, including prostaglandins (Essential Fatty Acid Metabolic Pathway). The effective completion of the first step in this process varies from person to person as has been shown by many university investigators. The formation of GLA may be blocked by substances in a typical western diet and can be hampered by stress, excess alcohol, smoking, poor eating, viral infections and a number of commonly occurring diseases. Under these conditions, Efamol scientists found that there may be considerable advantages to supplying preformed GLA to the body directly using EPO.

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