Electro Flex Circulation Enhancer


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Electro flex Circulation Enhancer
Electroflex Circulation Enhancer stimulates nerves just under the skin to gently contract and relax your muscles. This increases local blood flow and helps to:
Improve poor circulation,
Reduce pain,
Relieve tired and aching legs,
Improve flexibility and movement,
Help ‘restless’ legs feel more comfortable
The ElectroFlex Circulation enhancer uses tried and tested neuromuscular electrical stimulation therapy to send gentle massaging electrical pulses through the soles of your feet. This type of electrical stimulation is clinically proven to be effective and is so safe you can use it while relaxing in the comfort of your own home. 
Electrical foot stimulation has been shown to promote relaxation, helping you sleep better and having a positive effect on your mood and well being. 
If you’re fed up with tired aching legs, joint pain or just plain frustrated by mobility problems, using the ElectroFlex Circulation enhancer regularly can really help. The 25 minute home treatment is gentle and comfortable – all you need to do is just sit back and enjoy the experience. 
The ElectroFlex Enhancer offers a range of programmes, carefully designed to target different conditions. The massager also has a variable intensity control that you can easily set to the level you are most comfortable with. 
Also included FREE are four adhesive pads that can be used to target specific areas of discomfort in your arms, lower back, abdomen, shoulders, thighs and lower legs. 
Your questions answered 
How long does the treatment cycle last for? 
The treatment lasts for 25 minutes. The Circulation Enhancer has an LED countdown timer on the display so you can see at a glance how much time has elapsed and how much time of the treatment remains.  
What does the treatment feel like? 
You will feel a tingling sensation in your toes and feet. This will possibly extend up into the lower leg depending on the intensity you have set on the control panel. The feeling is incredibly relaxing. 
How often should you have a treatment?
Ideally you should have three or four treatments per week.  
How many different settings are there on the control panel? 
There are 10 different treatment variations, each one offering a slightly different treatment pattern and intensity levels ranging from 0 to 40. Once you have selected your treatment programme, the intensity level can be set at a comfortable level for each foot. 
Is the Circulation Enhancer mains operated? 
Yes, it comes complete with a DC power supply. However, it can also be operated with three C cell batteries, there is a battery compartment on the underside of the unit.  
Can anyone use the Circulation Enhancer? 
The usual contra-indications of TENS machines apply. Please DO NOT USE:
If you have a pacemaker fitted or a cardiac condition.
If you suffer with epilepsy.
After recent surgical procedures. 
If you have sensory nerve damage. 
If you suffer with extreme varicose veins. 
Whilst pregnant or immediately after child

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