Elifexir "Flat Tummy" Plus


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Elifexir "Flat Tummy" Plus

Fancy a flat tummy worth flaunting? Then try New & Improved E’lifexir "Flat Tummy" Plus

Balance your digestive bacteria with these healthy mint fruit sugars!

E’lifexir "Flat Tummy" Plus contains fructo – oligosaccharides (FOS) – carbohydrates of vegetable origin found in bananas, garlic, artichokes, onions, asparagus, corn and oat.
These fruit sugars help to stimulate the growth of the bifidobacteria (friendly bacteria) that live in our intestine, helping to maintain healthy bowels and give a flatter more comfortable tummy!

Stress, smoking, alcohol and bad food habits upset the intestinal function. Such upsets bring about a quantitative loss of bifidobacteria – beneficial bacterias.

You can start off by taking two soothing mints a day to provide the optimum level of fructo – oligosaccharides to feed these friendly bacteria, and then after a month of taking two a day, you can drop down to one a day to maintain this level and help the bifidobacteria work more efficiently.

E’lifexir "Flat Tummy" Plus has a pleasant taste and should be chewed in your mouth like a sweet until it is completely dissolved.
E’lifexir "Flat Tummy" Plus is now in a handy blister pack for ease of carrying. As no refrigeration is required and the tablets are in a discreet and portable package, they really are the perfect digestive aid for travellers and people on the move!
E’lifexir Flat Tummy Plus now also contains 20% extra FOS.
Please note that E’lifexir "Flat Tummy" Plus is a food supplement and is not a slimming aid.

Keep out of the reach of children

Taking two pills a day regularly will provide the necessary amount of fructo – oligosaccharides to achieve a balance of intestinal movements and so favouring the elimination of a bloated tummy.

Sorbitol,Fructo-oligosaccarides,Xylitol,Peppermint Essential Oil,Magnesium Stearate

30 tablets

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