Equi Gel For Joint Mobility Hoof & Coat Quality 1.5kg


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Equi Gel For Joint Mobility, Hoof & Coat Quality 1.5kg

Equi Gel consists of pure Collagen Hydrolysate for the development and maintenance of strong healthy joints and bones while ensuring a healthy coat.

Because of high stress levels, horses used in competitions and general riding are prone to lameness resulting in ongoing problems with their joints. The cartilage in the joint is either worn or damaged giving rise to pain and inflammation.

Equi Gel was developed as a result of international research findings predominately in Germany. It is a feed supplement that provides the necessary ingredient to maintain joint cartilage in healthy condition and restore and improve mobility.

Ingredients: Equi Gel consists of 100% Collagen Hydrolysate for maximum efficiency.

Feeding Advice: Equi Gel should be administered dry as a daily additive to the horses usual feed.

Instructions: Add 5 level scoops (enclosed in pail) daily to feed. This provides the recommended 50g of Collagen Hydrolysate.

Pack Size: 1.5Kg pail provides 30 days supply at full dosage.

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