Equi-Med Maintenance A daily supplement for horses 720 g


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Equi-Med Maintenance  720  grams A daily supplement for horses

A daily supplement for horses to help improve joint mobility.

This is a daily feed supplement powder made up of Glucosamine & Chondroitin to help maintain joints & connective tissue. It also has added Vitamin C to aid absorption.


is an amino sugar, which is produced naturally in the body. Connective tissues, which support joints & bones such as cartilage, tendons & ligaments, rely on an adequate supply of glucosamine. So supplementing with extra glucosamine may help with joint mobility.


acts like a liquid magnet, creating an increase in fluid around the joint. This increase in fluid uptake helps to lubricate & increase joint mobility. Chondroitin works well in conjunction with glucosamine.

Vitamin C

acts as an antioxidant & is also important in the production of collagen, the protein of connective tissue. Vitamin C is the building block for all living cells & is essential for the successful absorption of both glucosamine & chondroitin.

Ideal for:

Horses needing help with maintenance of joints & connective tissues.


1 daily 8gm scoop provides;

Glucosamine kcl 5000mg
Chondroitin 300mg
Vitamin C 1000mg

Ingredients: (greatest first)

Glucosamine Sulphate kcl, Vitamin C, Maltodextrin, Chondroitin, Ash 11.1%

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