FastCheck test kit for 12 nutrition allergens


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FastCheck test kit for 12 nutrition allergens

FastCheck test kit for 12 nutrition allergens

Test for: hen egg (whole), hazelnut, wheat flour, fish mix, peanut, carrot, meat mix, soy bean, celery, shrimp, rye flour, cow milk (raw).

Covers 90% of the UK’s most common allergens
Safer and more comfortable than conventional allergy tests – including blood tests and skin prick tests
Results visible to the naked eye in just 30 minutes
Requires just 2 to 3 drops of capillary blood taken from fingertip or earlobe
Much more effective at detecting specific allergens than conventional allergy tests, i.e. can pinpoint an allergy to a specific type of nut
Developed from established laboratory technology resulting in excellent performance
A great first step in diagnosing and treating allergies – developed by one of Europe’s leading diagnostic specialists – DST.

The benefits for you

Provides a low-cost simple screening solution for allergies
Easy to use
Fast, accurate results
Allows you to test for more than 12 different allergens covering 90% of the UK’s most common allergies
Better diagnosis of allergies means better patient care
Reduces waste – no more prescribing unnecessary medication or treatment

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