Floradix Liquid Iron Formula 500ml


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Floradix Liquid Iron Formula 500ml

Floradix contains an easily assimilated form of organic iron, extracts of carefully selected herbs, delicious fruit juices, and vitamins C and B complex. It helps to utilise food energy sources and has an important role in the maintenance of normal health and vitality.

Floradix is especially suitable for women (including expectant and nursing mothers), growing children, adults, slimmers, manual workers, athletes and in convalescence. Suitable for vegetarians.

Adults: 10ml twice daily
Children between 6-12 years: 10ml daily
Children between 1-5 years: 5ml daily
(Measuring cap provided)

Nutrition Information:

Typically per 100ml per 10ml
Energy 419.5kj (101.2 kcal) 41.95 kj (10.12 kcal)
Protein 0.20 g 0.02 g
Carbohydrate 24.5 g 2.45 g
Fat <1 g <0.1 g

� per 100 ml %RDA *
per 100 ml per 10 ml %RDA
per 10 ml
Vitamin C 100 mg 167 10.0 mg 17
Thiamin 8 mg 571 0.8 mg 57
Riboflavin 9 mg 563 0.9 mg 56
Vitamin B6 4 mg 200 0.4 mg 20
Vitamin B12 6�g 600 0.6�g 60
Iron 75 mg 536 7.5 mg 54
RDA* – EC Recommended Daily Allowance

Aqueous extract (54%) from:
Carrots, Nettles, Spinach, Quitch Roots, Fennel, Ocean Kelp, African Mallow Blossom.

Mixture of fruit juice concentrates (29.4%)
Pear, grape juice concentrate, blackcurrant juice, water, blackberry, cherry, orange, red beet, lemon juice concentrate, carob extract, apple juice concentrate.

Honey, Aqueous rosehip soft extract containing 4% vitamin C, Iron (as ferrous gluconate), Wheat Germ Extract, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid), Natural flavours, Thiamin (as Thiamine HCI), Riboflavin (as Riboflavin Sodium Phosphate), Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCI), Vitamin B12, Maltodextrin

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