Fresh wheatgrass


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Fresh wheatgrass 
We have available bags of freshly cut wheatgrass which we delivery to your door. These can be kept in the refrigerator for up to 7 days. Our wheatgrass is cut, bagged and posted all in the same day to ensure you receive the freshest wheatgrass possible.
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Wheatgrass once cut will still hold its nutritional value when kept under refrigeration. The wheatgrass juice is still intact within the cell walls until the wheatgrass is put through a juicer. It is the juice itself which is very perishable and is best drunk immediately when juiced. This is why when we juice we guarantee to freeze within 15 mins.
Each 500g bag of wheatgrass produces about 10-12 30ml shots of wheatgrass juice.
Size 3 bags (1.5kg)

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