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FulFill Plus

Fulfill Plus was formulated by a German doctor who was looking to produce a product that assisted people with the key issue associated with weight gain; portion sizes.
It is no secret that over the past 50 years the population has increased its intake of processed foods and reduced its intake of wholesome home cooked food. In addition to this fast food manufacturers have tempted consumers with ever larger portion sizes in an attempt to win them over.
Weight loss and gain is often a simple calculation based on the calories going into the body versus the calories being burnt by maintaining a healthy body.
Fulfill Plus taken 30 minutes before a meal with a glass of water produces a harmless natural gel like substance that takes up space in the stomach, this results in you feeling more satisfied with smaller portions at meal time


Fulfill Plus contains a natural ingredient which
creates a gelatinous mass in the stomach which
produces a sensation of fullness, thus increasing
the feeling of satiety and regulating your appetite.

Each capsule contains:

One capsule contains: 400mg Plantago
ovatae, Sodium bicarbonate,
Magnesium stearate

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