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Gamila Secret Original Natural Cream Soap
Restores and stimulates the natural balance and breathing of the skin
Gamila Secret is an olive oil based, handmade all natural beauty and healing agent, coming to you from the hills of Galilee. Gamila Secret restores and stimulates the natural balance and breathing of the skin, giving it a soft, radiant and healthy look. This beauty product contains 7 different kinds of the purest oils with 15 different kind of herbs. Gamila Secret is a dried cream to wash your whole body with, but with the effects of a high quality cream.
Gamila Secret contains over 80% pure first pressing olive oil. Gamila Secret contains no preservatives or chemicals and is made of 100% plant-based ingredients. No animal fats are used in the making of Gamila Secret products.
Size 115 g
Great Benefits including
Olive-oil based, handmade, 100% natural beauty agent to clean and nourish the skin.
For daily care of your face, hands, the whole body. Suitable for people with sensitive skin or skin problems. Even suitable for babies.
Protects the skin and supports, restores and stimulates the natural balance and breathing of the skin.
The secret formula of Gamila is safely kept in a vault at the countrys notary.
Dermatological tested.
Both men and women can use the soap as a shaving cream.
Minimum 80% pure first cold pressing Olive oil
Coconut oil
Avocado oil
Laurel oil
Sweet Almond oil
Shea butter
Grape seed oil
Utrica Pilulifera
Pistacia Vera
The special recipe of an esoteric mixture of herbs handpicked and carefully selected by Gamila herself.

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