Gaya Frozen Acai Pulp 8kg


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Gaya Frozen Acai Pulp 8kg

Acai ­ is a berry grown on the Acai palm trees in the Amazon Rainforest.Today, many Brazilians eat frozen Acai ­ pulp or drink Acai­ Power Drinks to give them a long lasting energy source to keep them going all day and all night

 Size 80 x 100g 

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Since the early 1990’s, Acai (pronounced AH-sigh-EE) has gone from only being known and consumed by natives in the Amazon basin, to becoming an intrinsic part of Brazilian food culture. The Acai berries are deep violet in colour and somewhat resemble a large blueberry. Many describe the taste of Acai as combining berries with a note of chocolate.

Pulpa Acai is packed with energy and is one of the world’s wonder fruits in terms of its nutritional properties. Acai berries contain over 50% more antioxidants (vitamin A & C) than pomegranates and five times as many as blueberries. They also contain high levels of Omega 6 and 9 fatty acids, valuable dietary fibers, amino acids, and minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, and calcium.

Acai is highly perishable and the raw fruit must be consumed within 24 hours of picking. As a result, Acai’s popularity started when some enterprising Brazilians started freezing the fruit (thus preserving all its natural characteristics) and transporting it to Rio de Janeiro. Acai rapidly became the drink of choice for Brazil’s surfers, athletes, and the body conscious. By 1992 Acai was firmly part of Rio’s beach culture with every bar, gym, and beach stand doing a roaring trade.

Today, Acai is drunk throughout Brazil and its consumption is firmly part of Brazilian culture. Its even known as Natures Viagra’ in some parts of the country. Acai is now starting to gain popularity throughout the US and Europe as its taste and amazing nutritional properties become increasingly well known.

Harvesting of the fruit
Acai berries are indigenous to the flood plains of the Amazon estuary and can be found in clusters at the top of the Acai palm tree. For centuries they have been harvested by locals and form the staple food in the diet of many communities, taking the place of rice, bread, and milk.

The acai palm is extremely abundant and in areas of deforestation it is usually the first tree to grow back. Acai’s popularity has also started to curb deforestation as its commercial value has increased. Acai is abundant in primary forest and many landowners have realized that harvesting the naturally growing acai fruit is much more profitable than chopping down the forest and farming the land. Agronomists have also been successful in enabling the acai to be cultivated sustainably with high yield. Consequently acai production has soared and brought valuable work to many impoverished areas whilst maintaining the natural state of the rainforest.

 Acai pulp contains NO additives, preservatives, stabilisers, flavourings, colourings or sweeteners. It is just 100% PURE and NATURAL fruit.

Acai pulp comes in a frozen form because it is the only way to guarantee that the natural characteristics and true taste of the fruit are retained. It is extremely easy to use and takes just a matter of seconds to transform the frozen pulp into your desired juice or smoothie. Simply blend a 100g of frozen acai pulp with your favourite juice, fruit, or yogurt and you have a delicious, thick, nutritious smoothie.

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