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Glyco8 Max The Super Glyconutrient

This is the most potent and complete product of its kind in the world. Our formulation is the first and only glyco-product to molecularly join together all eight rare saccharides, and now also includes the most potent Phytonutrient blend ever achieved, in a non-isolated synergistic formula.

It is quickly absorbed, directly through the epithelial lining of your digestive tract. No other nutraceutical company has ever been able to accomplish this before. At last, a glyco-product with maximum absorption ability that is also much more affordable due to state-of-the-art blending technology.

This formula provides superior nutritional support for each cell at the DNA level. No other company has the innovative technology to deliver the complete spectrum of these eight essential and rare saccharides.

The laboratory uses only the finest natural ingredients from exclusive sources. Not only does this formula have the only complete chain of all eight plant saccharides, it also has superior absorption over any glyco-product combination on the market.

The reason why researchers developed this formula was because they could NOT get consistent results in their clinics with any of the leading brand phyto-glyconutritional products that claimed to be effective.

This formula offers at least three more glyconutrients and has over twice the absorption ability of anything else available, plus we have added the most potent Anti-Oxidant possible in the phytonutrient form.

Recently, at the University of Arkansas Mass Spectrometry Centre , Dr. Jackson Lay performed clinical spectrometry tests on this formula. These results irrefutably prove the presence of all eight essential saccharides in one straight long-chain complex. For the first time in the history of the scientific worldview, all eight molecules have been successfully grafted together at the molecular level.

No other company can even offer this kind of documentation!

This formula is 100% guaranteed to work for you, and has ZERO negative side effects. There is no longer a need to take bottle after bottle waiting for results. This compound acts so quickly, that most people see amazing results in 48 hours.

In other words, this formula helps protect against cellular damage normally caused by free radicals and oxidative stress. Over a period of six months, this formula is seven times more effective than the leading phyto-glyconutrient product.

The other product claims to have all-eight structural saccharides, however, this does not hold up under scientific scrutiny. They only really have 5! The ability of this formula to be completely absorbed at the cellular level, for 99% of the population, has never before been matched.

This means you can experience the positive benefits that all the clinical tests have proven possible for years. An all in one, more affordable glyco-product.



This formula glyconutrient blend is not to be confused with any other glyconutritional supplements.

The Eight Essential Glyconutrients


Mannose is the chief of the essential super critical nutrient sugars. It helps strengthen the excretion system and helps to defend against bacterial infections . . .


Galactose coexists with lactose. As with all 8 super critical nutrient sugars it is vital for intercellular communications. It promotes wound healing, decreased inflammation, and stimulates needed calcium absorption . . .


Fucose is found in healthy mother’s milk and transfers immunity to newborns. It is important for proper nerve function, kidney health, reproduction systems and hydration of your skin . . .


Glucose enhances memory, stimulates calcium absorption and increases cellular communication.


Xylose is an antibacterial and antifungal. It promotes the growth of healthful flora in your intestines, therefore maximizing nutrient absorption which in turn strengthens your immune system . . .


N-acetylneuramic acid (sialic acid) is vital to many body fluids including, serum, cerebrospinal, saliva, amniotic, and mother’s milk. It is an immune modulator that benefits many things and it is a powerful antiviral. It is 1000 times more potent than antiviral drugs used to fight influenza . . .


N-acetylgalactosamine helps in the prevention of many diseases. Evidence reveals it helps in tumour reduction and in promoting healthful heart cells. It is also the key in promoting joint health and is also an anti-inflammatory.


N-acetylglucosamine found in the brain, thyroid, liver, small intestine, testes, epithelial cells of the endocrine and sebaceous glands, and endothelial cells of blood vessels. It is presumed that it plays a crucial role in all these tissues and organs.

We can promise you that this formula that also contains…

Maitake – Invigorates or strengthens the system

Shiitake- Increases energy

Concentrated Acetylated-

Mannans – increases NK immune cell functions by 15% above baseline

Beta (1,3/1,) Glucan chains- nutritionally potentates and modulates the immune response primarily through macrophage and dendrilic immune cells to safely yield various therapeutic effects.

Glucosamine sulphate- Offers and effective treatment for Osteoarthritis by providing the rate-limiting step in GAG synthesis (GAG=Glycosamino glycans)

Arabinogalactin- enhances the function of the immune system

Aloe Vera Extract- naturally alkalizes digestive juices to prevent over acidity, helps cleanse the digestive tract by a soothing balancing effect.’

Angogessius latifolia- Gums that powder together

Cyamopis Tetragonolaba- Gums the powder together

Nature Rice Starch- designate starch in its natural unmodified form no modificator

Xylitol- for taste

Myco blend of Cordyceps – Anti-aging and cure all products

Suggested Use:
For Health and Anti-Ageing : Take 1/2 Teaspoon full 2-4 times daily (9,000-18,000 mg daily)

For more serious Therapeutic uses: Take 1 Level spoonfull 2-4 times a day

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