Goldenhills Manuka Honey 25+ 500g


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Goldenhills Manuka Honey 25+ 500g

Authentic and Natural Bioactive Manuka Honey from unpolluted New Zealand Bushland GoldenHills is a high quality, authentic Manuka Honey derived from pollution-free New Zealand and harvested by a family-owned company. Being BRC accredited, each batch of honey has full traceability back to the hive from which it came from and is extracted using good manufacturing practice. GoldenHills Manuka Honey is UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) rated, which means that it is graded for its bioactivity from 10 – 25+ by a certified laboratory. This UMF rated Manuka Honey is special because it has unique anti-bacterial properties unlike most other types of honey.

Manuka Honey has been used for a variety of uses; on the skin; for ulcers, wounds and scars and orally; for sore throats, coughs, respiratory and stomach infections, IBS, gastric reflux and to help maintain a healthy immune system. GoldenHills is a great tasting, set honey which can be added to hot and cold drinks and foods or taken straight off the spoon!

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