Good Hemp Nutrition Diet Shake Strawberry 500 g


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Good Hemp Nutrition Diet Shake Strawberry 500 g
Natural Protein Shake to support diet or weight loss. 10gm of protein and only 110cal per serving. Feel fuller for longer with high dietery fibre. Balanced with Omega 3 & GLA. NMade from 100% Natural ingredients and naturally rich in protein, Omega 3 and fibre. Good diet shake is a non bloating all in one , great tasting protein powder
Natural Hemp Protein, Fine Oats, Rice Flour, Soluble Dietary Fibre (Oat), Natural Flavour (Strawberry), Sweetener (from natural Stevia), Xanthan Gum.
Weight: 500g
Suitable for: Male / Female
Suggested Uses: Mix 1 Scoop with 250ml water. Can also be mixed with Smoothies, Juices, Yoghurts, Cereals, Soups or Shakes.
Serving Size: 30g
Serving scoop included?: YES
Calories 109

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