Green and Fruiti 60 Capsules


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Green and Fruiti 60 Capsules
Natural fresh fruit and vegetables are best!
Green and Fruiti capsules are designed not to replace but complement your daily diet. However, busy lifestyles, price, availability and limited shelf life often hinder ones ability to achieve sensible lifestyle aims.
Five a Day!
The message at the heart of the 5 a Day programme:
“To eat at least 5 portions (400g) of a variety of fruit and vegetables each day” is consistent with published dietary recommendations around the world including the World Health Organisation (WHO), our own Ministry of Health and the NHS website
Why Green and Fruiti?
A simple and effective method to ensure that you and your family are reaching the publicised nutritional targets.
Especially ideal for people struggling to consume the minimum 5 portions of fruit and vegetables on a consistent day to day basis as it supports your daily intake of varied fruit and vegetables.
A unique formulation containing a concentration of 11 Fruits and 11 Vegetables, which provides an equivalent ORAC value of 2 portions of your 5 fruit and vegetable daily target in just 2 low calorie capsules plus you benefit from the natural nutrients. This premium product is formulated in the UK using the best available ingredients sourced in Europe.
Green and Fruiti – A Super Multivitamin
Green and Fruiti is also a “High Strength Multivit and Multi-Mineral” and supports “All round Health in two capsules” thus meeting the nutrient requirement of nearly all healthy adult people. Green and Fruiti is boosted by an additional 22 vitamins and minerals providing your recommended dietary allowance (RDA). Green and Fruiti provides all the daily RDA’s in just 2 capsules.
It has been scientifically proven that vitamins and minerals should be consumed in specific daily amounts for the good functioning of essential metabolic reactions in the body and the maintenance of physical health.
Green and Fruiti content
Fruits: Red and White Grapes, Bilberries, Grapefruit, Orange, Papaya, Pineapple, Strawberry, Apple, Apricot, Cherry, Blackcurrant.
Vegetables: Carrot, Tomato, Broccoli, Green Cabbage, Onion, Garlic, Olive, Cucumber, Asparagus, Wheat germ, Green Tea.
Plus  Twenty two vitamins, minerals and nutrients including:
Vitamin A, Vitamin B1 Vitamin B12, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Biotin, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Folacin, Iron, Manganese, Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin D2, Chromium. 
 Additional Nutritional Information
Low calorie, Low fat content, No added salt, No artificial flavouring, No artificial flavour enhancers, No artificial colourings, No artificial preservatives, No added sugar, No Aspartame or Saccharin, Sucrose free, Lactose free, Egg free, Suitable for vegetarians and vegans, Suitable for diabetics, Kosher, Non GM, Non-irradiated, No pesticides,
TriFlo Delivery Technology
Nutrients, Vitamins and Minerals progressively released and perfectly tolerated for better absorption. 
Gives better protection against degradation of active nutrients – minimises the chance of after-taste, reflux and irritation. Bio-availability and complete traceability with No added excipients and delivers the entire synergetic composition of the fruit as they exist in nature

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