Green Bay Harvest Manuka Honeysuckers Echinacea & Propolis


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Green Bay Manuka Honeysuckers – Echinacea & Propolis

Our Echninacea and Propolis Honeysuckers provide a natural immunity boost.

Used by man for thousands of years, Propolis is a sticky resin gathered by bees and used to protect the hive from bacterial and viral infection.

Echinacea was highly valued in Native American medicine and was used more than any other plant for healing. Today, research shows clear scientific reasons for its effective immune-boosting potency.

  • 100% Organic Honey. Nothing added. Nothing taken away.
  • The world’s first certified-organic lozenge made from pure organic Manuka Honey
  • Made only from honey harvested from hives tucked away in New Zealand’s native Manuka bush.
  • Zero additives. Convenient portable format popular with mums, kids, opera singers, life coaches and business people seeking a proven, natural remedy to fight infection, aid digestion and care for voices and throats when on the go….

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