Green People Deokrystal Spray – 40ml


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Green People Deokrystal Spray – 40ml

Deokrystal Spray

Use all over the body, on hands, on feet – even in shoes!

Free from Parabens, Alchohol and pore-clogging Aluminium

Our DeoKrystal Spray uses Alunite, a naturally occurring
mineral that is non-toxic.  It is crushed in an
easy-to-use pump-action spray bottle.

Supplied in dry form, the bottle should be filled with
cold water before use. This will make a saturated solution
of Alunite to control body odour wherever it occurs.

The bottle can be refilled with water up to 10 times – while
there are some undissolved crystals remaining.
Each bottle will provide up to 200ml of liquid deodorant
making it excellent value.


Ingredients:   Alunite – non-toxic ammonium alum crystals

Fill bottle with cold water before use. Use after bath or shower.

Spray directly onto hands, feet, underarms – wherever body odour may occur.

Great to keep in your sports bag.

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