GreenBay Harvest 12+ Active Manuka Honeysuckers

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GreenBay Harvest 12+Active Manuka Honeysuckers

The delicious Manuka Honeysuckers are made from honey harvested from hives tucked away in New Zealand’s native Manuka bush.

Made with Raw 12+ NPA Manuka Honey. No added sugar. The lozenge slowly releases honey in the mouth and throat we recommended five minutes contact time with the area of inflammation and infection. These lozenges taste delicious because they are made with honey and don’t contain refined sugar, corn syrup or artificial flavourings. Available in five delicious flavours: Blackcurrant, Lemon, Echinacea and Propolis Red Superfruits and Original. Handy and portable for people on the go the packet is ideal to carry with you throughout the day. Contains Tapioca Maltodextrin (10%) so lozenges are easy to remove from foil. Food source is the cassava plant.

Packed in a foil seal, each Honeysucker has a laboratory-certified rating of UMF 12, which means it has anti-bacterial properties equal to a 15% solution of phenol.

  • UMF 12, which means each lozenge verified by a laboratory test.
  • Made only from honey harvested from hives tucked away in New Zealand’s native Manuka bush.
  • Zero additives. Convenient portable format popular with mums, kids, opera singers, life coaches and business people seeking a proven, natural remedy to fight infection, aid digestion and care for voices and throats when on the go….

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