Greenbay Harvest Fine Kelp Powder 100g


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Greenbay Harvest Fine Kelp Powder 100g

Kelp has been used for around 2000 years as an important source of nutrition. Grown in nutrient-rich seawater, it provides a fabulous array of minerals in a highly digestible form, including calcium, iodine and magnesium. Metabolism Sea vegetables, arguably the finest sources of organic minerals on the planet, are extremely rich in iodine, the mineral needed for regulating the thyroid gland and ensuring a healthy metabolism. Iodine’s positive impact on the thyroid appears to help lower cholesterol and fat levels, improve circulation and combat lethargy.

Digestion Kelp has been traditionally used in folk medicine and by homoeopathic doctors to treat digestive conditions such as gallstones and ulcers. Its positive impact on the body’s metabolic rate can encourage shedding of excess weight and, through its role in regulating the thyroid, can be helpful in combating constipation

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