Guarana Co Organic Brazilian Ginseng(suma) Capsules x90


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Guarana Co Organic Brazilian Ginseng(suma) Capsules x90

The Guarana Company is pleased to be able to offer Ecocert Organic Brazilian Ginseng, commonly known as Suma and scientifically as Pfaffia Paniculata. It is a root from the Amazon basin of Brazil which has similar to Chinese Panax Ginseng although it is not actually a Ginseng. It is regarded as an adaptogen ( finds an helps many different ailments and conditions in the body) and is called ‘para tudo’ by the locals in Brazil. This translates to ‘for everything!’.It is widely used as a general tonic. There is a huge amount of research on it and so is worthwhile Googling!
Organic Brazilian Ginseng has many benefits including an immune booster, hormone regulator, adaptogen and can help with your endocrine system. Some females have benefited from Brazilian Ginseng in middle age when hormones are fluctuating. It has trace elements and vitamins B1, B2, E and K.
Brazilian Ginseng has been used in the past by Russian athletes in the 70’s as their secret weapon. They benefited from increased muscle growth and endurance without the need for steroids and their side effects.
Brazilian Ginseng has been reported to help oxygenate and regenerate cells and lower cholesterol.
A remarkable plant indeed.

Contains 90 vegecaps. Take 2-4 on a daily basis or as required.

Caution: If in doubt or on any other medication. Consult your healthcare practitioner for advice.

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