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Haramaki White  Medium Size


The haramaki is a traditional Japanese garment worn to maintain warmth and well-being.

Our modern interpretation fits snuggly, and its double, ridged layers ensure your warmth.

Wear at home to relax, in bed for more restful sleep, or during sports and outdoor activities to avoid chills.  Our haramaki uses only the softest cotton, gentle enough to be worn directly against the skin, or as a stylish outer layer.

The Japanese have been wearing haramaki for hundreds of years, so they know well enough about

these benefits:

Improved Circulation
The abdomen contains critical organs – including those responsible for the production of qi energy.

Insulating the mid-rift with our snuggly fitting haramaki means less stress on the body to maintain their optimal temperature.

The smooth running that’s acheived supports healthy energy flow and circulation.

You’ll really notice the difference and experience a balanced body temperature and higher energy levels.

Instant Relaxer
The sensation of wearing our soft, snuggly fitting haramaki is quite unique.

It’s a cozy, tummy hugging feeling that creates a comforting sense of well-being and relaxation.

Protection from chilly blasts of air reduces the stress the body often has to handle to maintain balance.

So whether you’re working, at home, or outdoors – the extra warmth of our haramaki helps you keep in your best, relaxed condition.

Pre-Natal and Pregnancy Support
Dr Wei-Xiong Chen, a leading practitioner in Traditional Chinese Medicine says poor circulation caused by the cold can thin the womb lining, leading to painful periods and infertility.”The unhealthy environment inside the womb is the biggest factor behind infertility in modern society.”

As well as the help our haramaki may provide in conceiving, it’s snug, elasticated fit provides excellent support for pregnancy bumps.

Swaddling your tummy during this important time keeps the uterus (know in TMC as the ‘Palace of the Child’ a safe and warm place for your baby to grow.


A Stylish Accessory
Along with all the positive health benefits our haramakis deliver, they also look great worn over clothes.

Size Medium 76- 84 cm / 30-33

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