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HayMax Hayfever Mixed triple pack – 1 Aloe Vera, 1 Lavender and 1 Pure (each approx 5ml)

Mixed triple pack – 1 Aloe Vera, 1 Lavender and 1 Pure (each approx 5ml)

HayMax is an effective, natural and simple to use POLLEN BARRIER. It helps to stop the pollen getting in to your body. If the pollen isn’t in your system, it can’t make you sneeze.

HayMax does not cure your allergy, or your hayfever. It stops the cause of the hayfever, rather than being a hayfever remedy. If you are allergic to pollen, then stopping the pollen from entering your system doesn’t cure your allergy, but it does stop the sneezing.

Haymax takes the form of a balm that is applied sparingly around the base of each nostril two or three times each day during the pollen season. Haymax is made from beeswax, essential oil and vegetable, corn or sunflower oil.

pollen barrier balm
suitable for children and pregnant women
No reported side effects
Recommended in The times,Daily Mail,Daily Mirror and by Dr Chris Steele on TV 

Pure: (approx 5ml) The award winning Pure.

New Aoe Vera

Lavender: (approx 5ml) Referred to as Spikenard in the bible, has been used for thousands of

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