HayMax Triple Organic Pure 3 for 2 Offer


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HayMax Triple Organic Pure 3 for 2 Offer

HayMax is made from beeswax, essential oil and vegetable, corn or sunflower oil. HayMax Pure, voted BEST PRODUCT ORGANIC by the Health Food Institute panel of judges at the Natural Trade Show in Brighton 2006, with no added fragrance.

pollen barrier balm
suitable for children and pregnant women
No reported side effects
Recommended in The times,Daily Mail,Daily Mirror and by Dr Chris Steele on TV 

This version is great for people who don’t like the smells of the essential oils, or who are particularly sensitive.

We use organic beeswax from the rain forest in Zambia, we use organic oils, and according to independent, qualified Aromatherapists, the essential oils are not harmful in the quantities used for HayMax

It is very simple. HayMax acts as a trap – or a blocker. The HayMax applied to the bottom of the nose traps the pollen before it enters the body. If there is no pollen in the body, there’s nothing for the body to react against. No pollen – no sneezing.

Also have a look at the user trials we conducted before launching, and the independent trial of a pollen blocker conducted by a Russian university
HayMax does not cure the symptoms of hayfever, it removes the cause to reduce or maybe even eliminate the effects of the pollen.

The best solutions are often the simplest ones.

There are some in the medical profession who would dispute this theory, whose opinions we greatly respect. Any other theories would be most welcome.

Super Saver Offer 3 for 2

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