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Health Elements Wheatgrass Juice 120 Caps

Health Elements Carbon Dioxide Dried, High Potency Wheatgrass Juice Powder, preserving all the nutrients and enzymes for everyday vitality and well-being, without the hassle of growing, harvesting and juicing. Health Elements Wheatgrass Juice crystals dissolve instantly in water to make an energising quick-acting tonic. This super-store of vitamins, minerals and enzymes is also rich in chlorophyll the natural cleansing agent and an excellent source of easily digestible vegetable protein. The 60 and 180 vegecaps contain the same 100% pure wheatgrass.

This quick-acting tonic and every day supplement is: 
 A super store of vitamins, minerals and enzymes:

Minerals zinc, phosphorous, calcium, magnesium and selenium. Vitamins A, C and B
 Rich in chlorophyll, the natural cleansing agent.
 An excellent source of easily digestible vegetable protein. Other proteins, such as meat need greater amounts of energy to digest.
 8 essential amino acids. .
 47% protein.
 100 % Organic freeze-dried wheatgrass juice crystals – preserving all the nutrients and enzymes.
 Gluten free. 
 No fillers, binders, artificial colours or sweetners.
 A quick ready in an instant solution no fuss, no mess, no juicing.
 A quick acting tonic and every day supplement. 
 Vegetarian and Vegan .
 Grown in a controlled greenhouse environment using organic soil. 
 Harvested at 7-10 days old the point of perfection.

Health Elements Wheatgrass is a quick-acting tonic and every day supplement.
A very versatile superfood which works generally on two levels. Firstly as a tonic, a pick you up when your energy levels are flagging. And secondly, as a superfood which, when taken every day, will help nourish and restore your bodys natural balance and well-being.

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