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HealthArena Maxiflex formally known as JOINT THERAPY
Finally there is an answer to not only reducing the swelling and pain associated with joint problems but also increasing mobility and strength of joints which has a direct impact on improving quality of life.
Thanks to Maxiflex Joint Therapy from Healtharena you no longer need to take an array of separate supplements to get the results that you need for joint health. For the first time you can take this high strength blend of ingredients in one easy to take daily serving with proven results.
In this day and age we all lead busy lives at work and at home. This type of lifestyle can involve physical activity in many forms, whether you regularly work out at the gym, run around after children or have a physically demanding job.
From a very early age we put a great deal of stress onto the joints – as children playing sports, climbing trees and encountering the odd fall. Eventually, an active lifestyle and the ageing process leads to wear and tear on the whole body and can be particularly noticeable in the joints.
Nine million people, young and old are affected to some degree by arthritis and joint related conditions in the UK today – this is around 15% of the total population. Not all joint pain is necessarily arthritis but can still be painful and debilitating and may interfere with quality of life.
The daily wear and tear on joints and connective tissue (including cartilage, tendons and ligaments) needs to be constantly renewed. The key component in this renewal process is collagen which we all naturally produce in our bodies, but from the age of 25 years it begins to deplete and continues to do so at a rate of 1.5% per year. This depletion leads to deterioration of the joints and other tissues of the body but now, thanks to Healtharena, you can help to prevent this damage with the help of some Therapy!
New Joint Therapy from Healtharena is an exciting natural food supplement designed to help put back what life takes out. The main ingredient is a 10g daily serving of hydrolysed collagen. This has proven results and is absorbed rapidly by the body. Once inside the body it takes on the same role as natural collagen and therefore increases collagen levels and helps to reduce this deterioration process.
As well as collagen, Joint Therapy contains Glucosamine Sulphate and Chondroitin Sulphate which have been traditionally used to treat joint problems and are recommended today by the medical profession. Added to this are MSM (Methyl-sulphonyl-Methane) and Pomegranate Extract which are powerful anti-oxidants with Celadrin. Celadrin is a blend of esterified fatty acids and is an anti-inflammatory that is proven to reduce pain quickly.
Joint Therapy is a powder based supplement with a natural orange flavour that should be mixed with water or juice and taken as a drink just once a day.
Each daily serving of Joint Therapy contains: Size 630 g  28 servings
Collogen (hydrolysed Bovine) 10g, Fructose 5g, Inulin (from Chicory) 2g,
Orange Flavouring (Natural), Esterified Fatty acids (from prep: cetylated fatty acids from beef tallow, maltodextrin, gum arabic [Celedrin]), Glucosamine sulphate (2kcl, from Shellfish) 750mg, Providing glucosamine 444mg, MSM 500mg, Citric acid, Chondroitin Sulphate (from Shark) 400mg, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 60mg, Pomegranate extract (40% Ellagic Acid) 60mg
 Legal Disclaimer: All Healtharena products are food supplements and are not medicines. No product will alter the body’s physiological functions. Healtharena Products are not designed to treat, prevent or cure any disease or medical condition. If you have any medical condition or are taking any prescribed medication always consult your medical practitioner prior to taking any food supplement.

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1 review for HealthArena Maxiflex formally known as JOINT THERAPY

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Eric Gillespie

    When my sister initially suggested that I try Joint Therapy I was sceptical. That was when I was on crutches due to severe arthritis. In particular I found stairs difficult to manage and was only able to go up and down them on my bottom.

    After taking the product I noticed that the pain subsided. With arthritis you are recommended to do gentle exercise which I had been unable to do before but I was now able to walk again which meant I was doing gentle exercise.

    Even after I had started using the product and was feeling a difference in the level of aches and no longer required my crutches it seemed that it was coincidental with, rather than an attribute to taking the product.

    I decided to then stop taking Joint Therapy to make a financial saving. Each time I did this the aching and stiffness in my joints returned quickly. I am not a total scrooge but it is with great reluctance that I arrived at the conclusion that there was a definite relationship between the recession of arthritic pain and immobility and the ingestion of Joint Therapy.

    Infirmity is an embarrassment – I don’t know why. Other people’s limps didn’t bother me; mine did. It was good to be able to climb public staircases again, two at a time, and not trying to be the last one in line to avoid holding anyone up who was in a hurry behind me.

    A few weeks ago my brother-in-law said to me wryly that I should get a stand at the local health store to promote this product! I’m not evangelical about anything and I wasn’t about Joint Therapy. All I’ve said is that it works.

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