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Healtharena Skin Deep Collagen Caps 90’s

Healtharena Skin Deep Collagen Caps are 100% pure collagen food supplement capsules which offer a convenient solution to a lifetime of rejuvenation – from head to toe Smiling, frowning – the wrinkles, the creases start to form and set in, whilst the body’s natural reserve of collagen is reducing – up to 30% by the age of 45!

Collagen is a powerful long-term anti-aging solution, improving the skin’s elasticity and suppleness – visibly helping to reduce lines and wrinkles.

Most people experience many welcome benefits by taking collagen including increased energy, relief from joint problems, overall toning, improved sleep and a greater overall sense of wellbeing. Collagen is a fibrous protein which is not only an essential constituent of healthy young looking skin, but is also the building block of tendons, bones and other connective tissues.Human joints are subject to continuous wear and tear, and in response, the body naturally works to rebuild the joint cartilage. To maintain this natural rebuilding function, the body requires sufficient quantities of collagen.

Healtharena Skin Deep Collagen’s 100% pure collagen food supplement capsules offer a convenient solution to a lifetime of rejuvenation – from head to toe

Q : How does it work?

A : Collagen is the body’s natural protein present in bones, skin, cartilage, tendons and ligaments. It keeps the tissue in joints and skin healthy and supple and strengthens hair and nails. As we age the body’s natural production of collagen compounds decreases.

This generally occurs from the age of about 25. Taking the Skin Deep Collagen supplement helps the body restore its collagen base to that of a younger person. This results in a slowing down of the general wear and tear of the body.

The collagen supplement is absorbed through the blood stream. Skin Deep Collagen has a much higher absorption level than any other products sue to its low molecular weight. This mean that it is transported quicker. Once in the body it seems to perform the same role as natural collagen.

Ninty-five percent of the hydrolyzed collagen taken orally is absorbed within the first 12 hours. Studies have proven this excellent rate of absorption. It is shown to accumulate in cartilage, thus having a positive effect on joints.

Q : How quickly will it work?

A : The benefits can be experienced as soon as 3 weeks, in some cases it can take up to 3 months. However, the younger the person the quicker the effects will be, due to younger people having faster cell turnover times.

Q : What effects will it give?

A : It can help to replair tissue damage, reducing pain and injury in joints and helping conditions such as osteoarthritis. Research has shown that collagen supplementation counteracts some effects associated with abrasion and deterioration of joints.

For example, athletes suffering with problems such as damaged cartilage or people with osteoarthritis suffering with painful and stiff joints due to cartilage breakdown, have reported amazing recovery after taking collagen supplementation. As well as repairing it can maintain and improve elasticity, strength and suppleness of tissue, helping to protect the body.

Everyone is at risk of the degenerative effects of aging and sun damage, taking collagen can help combat signs of aging, making the body more youthful from within. Unlike collagen creams or injections which just work locally collagen supplementation works on the whole body.

Q : How long will it last?

A : The effects are cumulative and long lasting. If you stop taking the collagen the results achieved will gradually be reduced. Collagen should be taken as a general maintainence to slow down the effects of depleting collagen levels.

Q : Will I see a dramatic difference?

A : There will be a subtle gradual improvement to skin and joints. Fine lines and wrinkles will be minimized as will further damage. The skin can look healthier and more radient as collagen helps to hold water in the skin.

Q : Are there any side effects?

A : There are no reported side effects or contraindictions when taking a medication.

Q : Where does it come from?

A : We have researched various collagen products, including marine and various animal derived sources. The only product that had clinical support with double blind placebo trials was the bovine sourcesm which has FDA and GRAS approval.

It is produced by an enzymatic hydrolization process, from collagen of bovine. Its amino acid compostion is the nearest to human collagen. It is certified safe from BSE. At present we believe we are the only UK Company to use this product.

Q : What is in it?

A : It is 100% purely natural collagen containing Amino acids.

Q : When do i take it?

A : We recommend 3 capsules taken before bedtime. This is because your body is repairing while your sleep and tissue is renewed.

Each Skin Deep Collagen capsule contains:

400mg of 100% Pure �Arthred’ Collagen Hydrolysate, which is naturally composed of glucosamine, chondroitin and amino acids.

Testimonial by Jennie McLean (62)

Northumberland Arthritis is very evident in several members of my family and I decided to combat it early in life with daily exercise and a healthy diet. Three years ago I began to see some of my finger joints swell slightly and an index finger bend to the left at the last joint.

I began to take 3 a day of combined Glucosamine Chondroitin capsules, these certainly helped to slow down the development of the arthritis, but every morning I awoke feeling some stiffness in my joints generally, which a warm bath eased.

Three months ago I bought some Skin Deep Collagen Capsules and took 3 each night. Within 6/7 days I noticed an improvement in the morning stiffness and aches. After 3 months I no longer have joint ache or stiffness in the morning. I feel as though my joints are �oiled� and working normally.

My enthusiasm for this product is such, that I must write to tell you and offer thanks for your advice.

Testimonial by Mrs Marril Gibson, Wiltshire

I am prompted to write to you to share my recent experience of benefit that I have gained as a result of taking Skin Deep Collagen Capsules. I am in my late sixties and have spent the majority of my working life (about 28 years) as a chef, standing for many hours.

I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees (severe wear and tear). Recently my left hip started to become painful too. I have been much less active – no more long walks with our dog – relying on Ibuprofen 400+ paracetamol for pain relief.

Walking down hill the most painful! I took Cod Liver Oil and Glucosamine with Chondroitin on my doctors recommendation. However, on a recommendation from a friend, I started to take Skin Deep Collagen Capsules, just before bedtime as instructed.

I did not expect to experience ANY benefit until I had been taking them for at least 6-8 weeks. To my astonishment I began to have far less pain after only 10 days! It has been six weeks and I continue to improve (downhill is still a trifle uncomfortable) and have almost entirely cut out the painkillers.

I feel like a new woman – not nearly so grouchy – and I would love to share this experience with other people. For me the benefits have been huge and I’m not spending as much on painkillers!

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