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Heaven fresh NaturoPure 300C
The NaturoPure™ 300C with 6 stages of air purification is the only purifier sold in Canada incorporating a full size HEPA filter,activated carbon filter, Anti-bacterial pre-filter, Air ionizer and germicidal UV lamp and a sanitizer at such a modest price. With a powerful, quiet fan the purifier covers 500 ft².
Ion/Power Button
This button turns the NaturoPureTM HF 300C HEPA & ionic air purifier "ON". The air ionizer (i.e. negative ion generator) is automatically engaged when the unit is in operation.
Sanitizer/Ozone Button
This button allows you to select the Off, Low, Medium, or High setting. Just hit the button until the LED light next to the desired setting is lit. When there are no LED lights lit next to the Sanitizer button, then the NaturoPureTM HF 300C is "Off". When the off setting is chosen, the ozone vacuum tube produces no ozone, releasing virtually no ozone into the air at all. On low, the NaturoPureTM HF 300C runs in intervals of 23 seconds "On", and 5 minutes and 37 seconds "Off". On medium, it runs in intervals of 2 minutes "On", and 4 minutes "Off". On the high setting, it runs continuously.
Fan Speed/Air Flow
There are three fan speed options: low, medium, and high.
The timer can be set to 1, 2, or 4 hours. If none of these timer settings are selected, the NaturoPureTM HF 300C ionic air purifier will run continuously, which is generally best. If you are running the ozone on a high setting in a small area while you are not home, then you may want to use the timer to prevent the ozone level from reaching excessively high levels.
Since the NaturoPureTM HF 300C HEPA & ionic air purifier uses a fan, and blows air strongly out the top of the unit, it is not necessary to place the unit at a high elevation. It can be placed on the floor, although the ideal elevation is 2-4 feet high. The room air filter will effectively draw air through the unit, even if placed on the floor
Negative Ion Output: 12,000,000/cm3 (trillions per second)
Filteration processes include prefilter, HEPA filter, Activated corbon filter, TiO^2 filter.
UV Frequency: 254 nm, the ideal frequency for destroying DNA cells of micro-organisms.
Noise Level: 35-56 dB
Dimensions: 15" (W) x 13" (H) x 7.75" (D)
Weight: 10 lbs.
Cord Length: 72"
Rated Voltage: 110 V AC / 60 Hz
Power Consumption: 40 W
Timer Option: 1, 2, and 4 Hours (If not set, will run continuously)

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