Herrens Mark Red Clover 1 Litre


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Herrens Mark Red Clover 1 litre

Herrens Mark’s patented Red Clover Extract with lactic acid bacteria supports women through the menopause and symptoms associated with it.

Herrens Mark manufactures Red Clover Extract by a patented lactic acid fermentation process. The use of red clover ensures that women’s oestrogens are in better balance. When red clover extract is untreated, the valuable phytoestrogens are bound to sugar molecules, which prevents them from being absorbed into the body. The lactic acid fermentation process splits the sugar molecules from the phytoestrogens, and this so called aglyclone form makes them especially easy to absorb.

This process is patent pending.

Daily Dose:

Starting dose:
The recommended dose is 120 ml over 2 daily intake, morning and evening, together with a meal.
Maintenance dose:
After 2-3 weeks, when you feel the effect, you can begin reducing the dosage to 60 ml (2 cups) once a day. The dose should be measured according to individual needs but is around 60-120 ml (2-4 cups) per day. The daily dose should not be exceed 120 ml (4 cups) per day.
The extract has a unique taste and many people prefer to mix it with pineapple juice, before taking their daily dose.

Instructions and application:

1 litre, corresponding to 16 daily doses at 60 ml. Dosing cup and instruction are included.
Shake before use.


At room temperature.
After opening, we recommend refrigerating the extract, as it tastes best cold. The shelf life of the extract isn’t diminished after opening.


The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.
The product should be kept in a dry, cool and dark place out of the reach of children. Dietary supplements should not replace a varied diet and healthy lifestyle.


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