Hidden Amber Organic Tea 50g


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Hidden Amber is the ‘chicken soup’ of organic, living teas. It is a post-fermented, cooked puerh tea used traditionally as a tonic to support digestive function.

Origin: Harvested from wild tea trees in the sub-tropical forests of Yunnan, Southern China. Yunnans biodiversity is unique – home to over 17,000 plant species including nearly half of Chinese and Tibetan herbs.

Flavour: Sweet, earthy, rich and brothy.  Notes of wet hay, strawberry and black pepper.

Benefits: Nourishing, grounding and sustaining for the digestion. Can be drunk throughout the day.

Brewing Guide (300ml): Hidden Amber can be infused multiple times. Infuse 1 tbsp for 30 seconds at 95-99. Strain, serve and reserve tea leaves. Repeat this method to re-infuse the leaves up to 6 times.

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