Higher nature Aeterna Gold Collagen 90 Capsule


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Higher nature Aeterna Gold Collagen 90 Capsule
Provides pure marine collagen with MSM, Chlorophyll, Centella asiatica and 6 other key nutrients to support firm, young-looking facial tissue from within. Best used in addition to Collagen Creme Serum.
Contains highest concentration, pure marine non-shark Collagen
Hydrolysed, more absorbable form of collagen as large protein molecules have been broken down
Also contains MSM and other key skin nutrients
1200mg marine collagen (non-shark), 150mg MSM, 90mg vitamin C, 75mg Aloe vera 200:1, 210mg Centella asiatica 4:1 extract, 30mg Chlorophyll, 30mg Horsetail, 3mg Zinc, 0.75mg Iron, 0.375mg Copper.

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