Humet-R syrup 300 ml bottle


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Humet-R syrup 300 ml bottle

The original formulation developed over thirty years of careful research.

Designed to be an efficient mineral supplement that would deliver chosen minerals to the parts of the body that requires them, it was only later discovered that the chelate (Humifulvate) would also remove toxic heavy metals such as Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury safely and gently from the body.

Active ingredients: Per 10 ml daily
Per 300 ml
Humic/fulvic acid
75.00 mg 2250.00 mg
Potassium 37.00 mg 1100.00 mg
Magnesium 15.00 mg 450.00 mg
Zinc 10.00 mg 300.00 mg
Iron 14.00 mg 420.00 mg
Manganese 3.00 mg 90.00 mg
Copper 2.00 mg 60.00 mg
Vanadium 500 mcg 15.00 mg
Cobalt 200 mcg 6.00 mg
Molybdenum 175 mcg 5.25 mg
Selenium 125 mcg 3.75 mg
Distilled water up to 5 ml 150.00 ml
Orange super concentrate 5 ml 150.00 ml
Orange density: 1.335 kilos / 1000
Approx. weight of 300 ml: 349.7 grams 349.7 grams

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