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hyG Ionic Toothbrush

As Seen in Mail on Sunday 27/3/11

HyG IONIC Toothbrush makes it easier for you to enjoy:

A whiter, cleaner smile.

Fresher, sweeter breath.

Reduced plaque levels so less risk of tooth decay and gum disease.

hyG Ionic Toothbrush

The hyG Ionic Toothbrush uses an integral lithium battery, which will last 3-4 years of normal brushing. It features a small battery indicator light .

Dentists recommend all brush heads are replaced every 3 months or when the bristles begin to spread out.

The hyG Ionic Toothbrush uses a mild, imperceptible current, it is based on the magnetic-like principles of positive and negative polarity. Plaque in naturally positively charged, while teeth are negatively charged, so plaque adheres to the teeth.  When the hyG Ionic Toothbrush is used, the polarity of the teeth is temporarily changed to positive, which causes plaque to be repelled from the teeth onto the bristles.

So how does it remove plaque?

Normally your teeth have a negative electrical charge (Polarity). Plaque has a positive polarity and because opposites attract (At least in electrical terms!) the plaque sticks vigorously to your teeth. The hyG IONIC Toothbrush breaks this ionic bond by temporarily reversing the polarity of the tooth surfaces as you brush. The plaque is then repelled by the teeth and towards the negatively charged toothbrush filaments.

Is this new technology?

Surprisingly not! It is based on a technique called “Iontophoresis” which has been around for over a century!

Do I have to plug it in?

No. The hyG IONIC Toothbrush contains its own Lithiun power source in a waterproof handle.

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