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Immitec More Man 50’s

Daily exposure to oestrogen and oestrogen-like substances in the environment, coupled with the effects of ageing, can have dramatic consequences on a man’s physical, mental and sexual wellbeing, potentially robbing them of their manhood and good health.
These ‘environmental oestrogens’, or xenoestrogens, are omnipresent, and as a result of modern farming and food manufacturing practices, are now in many foods and drinks. Oestrogens are also present in plastics, cosmetics, detergents, plasticizers, waste components of the contraceptive pill and other hormone medications, drinking water, pesticides, hormones and endocrine disruptors, plant estrogens etc., and so the list goes on.
There are very definite signs that the balance between testosterone and oestrogen has changed in the favour of oestrogen; this is called ‘oestrogen dominance’.
Men naturally produce oestrogen, albeit in much smaller quantities than in women, but men’s oestrogen levels are boosted to undesirably high levels due to the prevalence of environmental oestogens. This is leading to the increased feminisation of men, which is often characterised by female fat deposition and ‘moobs’, or ‘man boobs’.
MORE MAN from Immitec is a simple and safe product that can help to stabilise oestrogen levels and restore masculinity and virility.

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