Immitec More Woman 50 capsules


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Immitec More Woman 50 capsules

We are inundated daily by anthropogenic oestrogens and other oestrogen-like compounds. This can have dramatic consequences on women’s physical, mental and sexual functions, potentially robbing them of their femininity, good health and feeling of overall wellbeing. Oestrogen and xenoestrogens are found everywhere in the environment, as well as in food and beverages, plastics, cosmetics, detergents, plasticizers, waste components of the cotraceptive pill and other hormone medications such as HRT, drinking water, pesticides, hormones and endocrine disruptors, plant oestrogens etc., etc. MORE WOMAN from Immitec is a simple and safe product that can help to stabilise oestrogen levels and restore femininity and general wellbeing.

More Woman contains:

Velvet bean
Muira Puama
Vitamine B6
Pantothenic acid


Stinging nettle
Black Pepper

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