Immulina 30 Capsules


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Immulina 30 Capsules

A patented bioactive micro algae extract, which preserves the body’s natural resistance and maintains the function of immune system cells

Immulina – a breakthrough in bioactive immune system stimulation

Immulina is the most powerful natural immune stimulator ever discovered*
Immulina is the daily work-out of your immune system so you can meet the challenges of a busy and stressful life
High safety profile
Immulina contains a specially standardised microalgae complex

Immulina preserves the body’s natural immune defence

Immulina is a new and effective natural dietary supplement for everybody leading an active life
Immulina is a bioactive microalgae complex – an aqueous alcohol extract of Arthrospira Platensis
Immulina counteracts the negative effects of aging and a modern life style
*with respect to macrophage activation

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