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Immunecare Lactoferrin 90 capsules

Lactoferrin is a naturally occurring defensive protein. When taken as a supplement to a well-balanced diet, it can help your immune system guard against and prevent the onset of many infectious diseases, viruses, bacteria, fungal infections and a wide variety of health disorders. Anti-fungal effectiveness has been shown against several strains of candida, including candida albicans.

New research has indicated that Lactoferrin may help in the fight against the bone-destroying disease osteoporosis.

� Anti-fungal
� Anti-bacterial
� Anti-tumour
� Deprives pathogens of iron
� Helps support good bacteria
� Over 900 medical and scientific studies on Lactoferrin
� Helps combat HIV, CMV, Herpes, Hepatitis C.
� Helps in cases of Postviral fatigue

“When my daughter was thirteen, she developed Glandular Fever, and she was so ill that I was on the verge of taking her to hospital. Instead we gave her high doses of Lactoferrin and Colostrum for five days: on the sixth day she was back at school and wanting to play Hockey! That was two years ago, and there have been no recurrences.”
Neil Wootten�

�I have been using Immunecare Lactoferrin supplement for the last two years both personally and for my clients.� Its excellent immune supporting effect has helped prevent the upper respiratory tract infections that blight so many.� We have found that Immuncare really does help keep us protected throughout the year, and particularly through periods of stress either in sport or the workplace.’�
Roz Kadir RN Dip ION MSc

Taken as a supplement to a healthy well-balanced diet, Immunecare Lactoferrin can help guard against and prevent the onset of many infectious diseases and a wide variety of health disorders by supporting the body’s immune system in a unique and powerful way.

Well researched:

Hundreds of studies in peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals show that oral supplementation with Lactoferrin can prevent the onset of infections and diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, fungal organisms and tumours. Lactoferrin has US FDA approval as a safe and non-toxic supplement.

This research has shown Lactoferrin to have the following functions:

Ron Gellately, the world renowned Naturopath, sings the praises of Lactoferrin in his bestselling book �Internal Health’. He notes that Lactoferrin kills many disease causing bacteria, whilst at the same time protecting and encouraging the body’s own good, vital gut flora. Lactoferrin is ideal for people who are either unable, or do not wish, to take traditional pharmaceutical antibiotics with all their attendant damaging side effects. Lactoferrin is a well researched, effective and safe natural alternative.

Lactoferrin kills a range of yeasts and fungi, and is very effective at killing the causative agent of Candida. It is also well known for its ability to kill gut parasites and lowers gut inflammation found in conditions such as Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s and Diverticulitis.

Extensive research has shown that Lactoferrin can prevent viruses, even powerful ones such as HIV, CMV, Herpes Simplex and Hepatitis C from binding to the body’s healthy cells and therefore prevent viral infection. HIV patients are known to demonstrate a systemic lack of Lactoferrin.

Athletes find lactoferrin particularly useful in combating Glandular fever and other post-viral and over-training problems. It has also been shown to be effective in treating the Upper Respiratory Tract Infections (URTI’s) that can afflict athletes under heavy training loads. Lactoferrin is IOC friendly and FDA approved.

More than 16 studies have shown that Lactoferrin and related peptides have been shown to suppress tumour growth and prevent tumour formation. It has been used in conjunction with chemotherapy to reduce the number of infections due to weakening of the immune system. One study notes that Lactoferrin � might become the drug of choice for the adjuvant therapy against pancreatic cancer’.

�The strong binding of iron by Lactoferrin prevents free iron from forming free radicals. Free radicals have been strongly implicated as a cause for many diseases and infections.
�Lactoferrin has been shown to help international athletes recover quickly form mystery blood viruses and Glandular fever.
� Because it protects the delicate balance of bacteria in the gut, it is ideal to take in place of traditional antibiotics, which destroy this balance and leave you open to recurrent illnesses.
�When fighting infection, take a dosage of one capsule three times per day; for maintenance take one capsule per day.
Lactoferrin may not be suitable for asthma sufferers.

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