Immunecare Lactoferrin Xtra 30 capsules


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Immunecare Lactoferrin Xtra 30 capsules

Lactoferrin Xtra has three to four times the iron binding capability of standard Lactoferrin.

Lactoferrin is a naturally occurring defensive protein. When taken as a supplement to a well-balanced diet, it can help your immune system guard against and prevent the onset of many infectious diseases, viruses, bacteria, fungal infections and a wide variety of health disorders. Anti-fungal effectiveness has been shown against several strains of candida, including candida albicans.

New research has indicated that Lactoferrin may help in the fight against the bone-destroying disease osteoporosis.

Deprives pathogens of iron
Helps support good bacteria
Over 900 medical and scientific studies on Lactoferrin


Dosage instructions


Take one capsule per day. Because Immunecare Lactoferrin Xtra is three to four times stronger than standard Lactoferrin, only one capsule per day is required. The equivalent dose for standard Lactoferrin is three capsules per day. Capsules should be taken on an empty stomach with a large glass of tepid water (approximately 300ml). Immunecare Lactoferrin comes in bottles of 30 vegetarian capsules, each capsule containing 250mg of pure New Zealand Lactoferrin Xtra.




Lactoferrin may not be suitable for asthma sufferers. Not to be taken with Heparin or Warfarin.


30 Capsules – (250mg pure lactoferrin Xtra)

Helps in cases of Postviral fatigue


“When my daughter was thirteen, she developed Glandular Fever, and she was so ill that I was on the verge of taking her to hospital. Instead we gave her high doses of Lactoferrin and Colostrum for five days: on the sixth day she was back at school and wanting to play Hockey! That was two years ago, and there have been no recurrences.”
Neil Wootten

I have been using Immunecare Lactoferrin supplement for the last two years both personally and for my clients. Its excellent immune supporting effect has helped prevent the upper respiratory tract infections that blight so many. We have found that Immuncare really does help keep us protected throughout the year, and particularly through periods of stress either in sport or the workplace.’
Roz Kadir RN Dip ION MSc


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