Instant Hand Sanitizer wall mounted unit & 800 ml hand sanitiz


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Instant Hand Sanitizer wall mounted unit and 800 ml hand sanitizer

In order to help in the awful flood situation in the UK, you can purchase the unit and 800 ml hand sanitizer for £22.99 which includes P&P

Kills 99.99% of most common germs in under 15 seconds.
Asseptgel hand sanitizer replaces the need for soap and  water  when clean water isn’t available.

Asseptgel contains 62% alcohol

Asseptgel blends natural water-soluble oils from plants, trees and fruits of the Amazon rainforest with Aloe Vera – an added moisturiser

Ideal for medical professionals, complementary therapists, commuters, nurseries, schools, universities, restaurants, toilet hygiene and in the home.

Asseptgel forms part of Brazil’s Green Label program putting money back into preserving the Amazon Rainforest

Conforms with EN 1040

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