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Intraslim Formula 168’s

Intraslim achieves results through a unique combination of natural herbs and dietry supplements.

Intraslim Carb Block Formula has a unique combination of natural herbs and supplements that work with your body to obtain the results you are looking for. Intraslim increases your metabolic rate creating a thermogenic effect assisting the natural process of breaking down and burning calories. This can produce a significant impact on the reduction of stored body fat. Fat deposits are reduced because calories are used to create heat and energy. The new Carb Block formula gives you greater freedom to enjoy carbohydrates in moderation without worrying.

Each day time capsule contains:- Guarana (400mg) Also known as Brazilian Cocoa and Brazilian Cola. Guarana has the effect of stimulating the central nervous system, increasing metabolic rate, improving energy levels and having a mild diuretic effect. It can help fatigue, improve athletic performance, reduce hunger and aid weight loss.

Chitosan (200mg) Sometimes known as the superman of fat absorbers, Chitosan is a non-digestible fibre derived from shellfish that naturally binds fat and reduces fat absorption. When it enters the body it absorbs fat, which is then prevented from entering the bloodstream and is past out of the body as a waste product. Chitosan is also able to remove some stored fats from the body, resulting in further weight loss.

Ginger (20mg) Ginger is a tonic for the digestive tract, stimulating digestion and keeping intestinal muscles toned. It is also used with other herbs to enhance their effectiveness.

Chromium picolinate (50mg) Chromium is an essential trace mineral that assists the body with the metabolism of sugar and aids in protein utilization. Chromium in the form Chromium Picolinate has been reported to alter body composition. It has been linked to helping the body burn fat, build muscle and control blood sugar. It may also help lower cholesterol levels

White Kidney Bean (170mg) This is scientifically and clinically proven to neutralise starch (found in foods such as pasta , bread, potatoes) before it is converted into glucose and then fat. It allows some dietry starch to pass through the body undigested, meaning that it will not be absorbed and is passed through the system with less calorific intake.

Korean Ginseng (30mg) Ginseng has an ability to increase stamina, endurance and energy levels. It has been used by Soviet Olympic athletes to enhance their training. It helps the body adapt to stress by allowing the adrenal gland to function optimally when challenged by stress. Research has also shown that it improves the use of oxygen by the exercising muscle, enabling a person to maintain aerobic exercise longer and recover quicker.

Shell Gelatine A minority of very sensitive people may experience nervousness, tremor, sleeplessness or nausea, if so reduce the dosage or discontinue use. If you are sensitive then begin with a low dose. If you have any questions about the suitability of taking this product, please consult your doctor or pharmacist

Three weeks supply when taking the recommended daily intake of two capsules twice per day.(5 days on then 2 days off).

Testimonial by Val Ross – Cramlington

Early in 2003 Val Ross, who lives in Cramlington, weighed seventeen and a half stone. She attended a slimming class and lost half a stone. But after seeing an advertisement for Intraslim in her local health store, she decided to try this along side her healthier eating plan. She said, “Intraslim was good for me because it curbed my hunger pangs but allowed me to eat sensibly.”

“I used it two weeks on and one week off, I had no problem sticking to a lower fat diet and I just didn’t seem to have the craving for sweet foods, when using Intraslim.” “I lost weight steadily for the first few weeks at about 4lb per week, then averaging out at approximately 21/2lb per week, after the initial loss.” “By November 2003 I had lost six stone.” “I also felt very fit and healthy.

” Speaking about her slimmer self she said: “It is great to fit into size 12 and 14 clothes where as before I was miserable in size 22 and looked like rent-a- tent.” “Intraslim seemed to take over where my willpower left off.” “If I can do it, anyone can.” “I’m still losing weight, but much more slowly.” “I continue to use Intraslim occasionally for my weight maintenance.”

She added: “Intraslim is a 100% herbal product with no risk of addiction, and I would recommend it to anyone who needs a little help with their weight loss program.”

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