Inulin & FOS 280g


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Inulin & Fos are two prebiotic fibres that help to feed the healthy bacteria in your gut. Inulin is extracted from Chicory, FOS is extracted from Artichokes. The advantage of combining these fibres is that they work in different areas of the gut so you get broader benefit by taking them together.

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Take one level teaspoon with a small amount of water or juice around 10 minutes before breakfast and evening meal. Alternatively the evening dosage could be taken just before bed. You can adjust according to requirements but excessive amounts may cause diarrhoea


Inulin, fos


This product is generally regarded as safe and can be taken during pregnancy.
It is suitable for children but dosages should be halved for children under 11.
Children under the age of 5 should only take this product under the supervision of a natural practitioner.
Initially the product may cause some extra wind for a couple of days but this usually settles down after that.


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