Ion5 Ionic Toothbrush Blue x 1




This Ionic Toothbrush contains a photosensitive titanium dioxide rod. When exposed to light and water, the rod releases ions which help to remove dental plaque.

  • Patented ionic oral care
  • Hi-tech plaque fighter
  • Promotes easier flossing
  • Anti-bacterial titanium rod
  • Attacks stubborn stains
  • Oxygenating cleaning power

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Wet the brush and rod (saliva is sufficient in case water is unavailable) and find the brightest light available (natural or artificial) for brushing. The light source must be sufficient to power a calculator. With toothpaste, use only a small amount. When brushing, grip the handle high enough that the solar panel remains uncovered, allowing light to reach it. Brush teeth after meals or at least twice a day when possible. Follow your dentist’s recommendations.

The toothbrush can last a lifetime if used correctly. To keep the rod in good condition or change the brush head, remove the head by pulling the handle out straight along the axis without twisting or bending and then clean with a brush or replace by pushing the new head onto the handle.

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