Jardin De Vie Grenade 50ml


SKU: WEL-102250


Eau Naturelle Parfumée

Fruity notes of orange and davana are melded with the oriental scent of vanilla. Take a journey through the imagination.

Discover the garden of life. Inspired by our Pomegranate skin care range, this rich, sensual fragrance leads you into an exotic world.

Intense fruity notes of orange give this fragrance light-heartedness and a joyful mood. The davana has a scent reminiscent of mango, leading our mind to the exotic regions of the world, where imaginative energy is awakened and a space created for fantasy and inspiration. The powerful floral scent of neroli flowers is the hidden heart of the composition. Its scent reminds us of flowering trees in oriental gardens.  

Vanilla adds depth and gives a sensual touch at the same time.

For over 90 years Weleda has developed a unique range of sophisticated scent compositions, from 100% natural essential oils. Each fragrance is crafted to bring you joy, with loving care and deep understanding of nature.

Free from synthetic preservatives, fragrances, colourants or raw materials derived from mineral oils. 

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