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Juiceproducer KT2200 Juicer Low RPM Vertical Slow Juicer

The Juiceproducer KT2200 Low RPM Vertical Slow Juicer a new addition to the Juiceproducer range this versatile vertical single auger juicer.Rotating at a super low 47 rpm this twin bladed cold press juicer also sports the versatility to make sorbets, nut butters and sauces with the purpose built grinding attachment.

Super precise 47 rpm (revolutions per minute) vertical single auger juicer.

Slowest rotating juicer available for maximum juice nutrients.

Twin blade auger for fast feeding of produce.

Delivers the highest juice yield in its class.

GE Ultem screen and Auger.

100% BPA-free bowl and lid.

200 watt induction motor and three stage reduction gearbox for massive torque.

Weight 9 kgs

Warranty 10 year motor and gearbox 5 years on parts.

Specialised purpose build mincing attachment for multiple tasks.

Precision fit juicing screen for less pulpy juice production.

Supplied complete with grinder, jugs, pusher, cleaning brush,  user manual, recipe book

We are so pleased to bring you this excellent juicer, the Juiceproducer KT2200 Vertical Juicer is set to raise the bar in the competitive vertical single auger juicer class, the precision fit of all the components and low turning speed give this juicer a performance edge in both yield, nutritional content and pulp level. Additionally for the first time we have added flexibility with a purpose built grinding attachment allowing this juicer to grind, homogenise, make sauces, babyfood, nut butters and a range of different tasks.


This Juicer sports superb build quality and is already picking up awards for class leading performance in the U.S.A. Juicing at 47 rpm, maximum nutrient retention is coupled with a virtually pulp-free juice and excellent yield, out performing other vertical juicers by as much as 10%. The KT2200 features an innovative auger design that gives the juicer excellent performance even on tough, leafy greens and stringy celery, ejecting through a large pulp port.

JP Review :

The best performing vertical layout single auger juicer we have used to date, extensive use of GE Ultem together with high precision components allow this juicer to create a new performance standard for this class of juicer AND it multi tasks and as grinder too! Juicing just gets better and better, this is a new evolution of what a juicer can be! …………………………………10/10

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