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Wheelybugs go backwards, forwards, sideways, round and round … they can be ridden, pushed, pulled, kissed and cuddled!  These ride on bugs, great for both boys and girls, almost have a magical mind of their own. 

Wheelybugs are designed to offer hours of robust fun and help to promote self-confidence, spatial awareness and gross motor skills.

Special features:

Bodies have a padded layer of sponge covered with tough polyurethane

Easily wiped clean

For use on all level surfaces

Handmade and beautifully crafted from the highest quality materials

Multi-directional castors

Unlimited mobility

WINNER BEST AUSTRALIAN TOY 2000, 2001, 2003, 2005

Wheelybug Sizing
Wheelybug Size Chart
 Age Range
 1-3 years
 2½-5 years

Wheelybugs are International and European Safety Tested (EN71)

Wheelybugs are made with a great deal of care.  Following these simple guidelines will ensure lots of fun and a happy life for both toy and rider.


Have fun but play safely.  Put the Wheelybug somewhere out of the way when not in use.
Make sure that there is always adults supervision whilst a young child is playing with Wheelybug
Ensure child is wearing shoes at all times when using the Wheelybug to protect their toes!
Regularly check that all fixings to the handle and wheels are tight.  Where necessary use a spanner to tighten castor stem nuts or to tighten handle.  Clean only with chemically neutral soap and water.

Use Wheelybugs or any othe ride-on toys either on or near to hills, roadways, inclines, steps, stairways, bridges, swimming pools, ponds or other water hazards; nor in sandpits, on gravel surfaces, cobbled stones, muddy grass or on an uneven surface. 
Wheelybugs should be used on FLAT surfaces only
Let more than one child at a time ride on the toy
Allow persons in excess of 60kg (150lbs) to sit or ride on the toy
Leave toy out to be saturated in the rain
Clean or apply furniture polishes, abrasive cleaners, solvents or stell wool to Wheelybugs
Use sharp instruments on the covering material
Let the toy be thrown to the ground as this may damage the wheels
In the event of accidental damage, spare parts can be obtained from us at Hippychick.


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