Lanes Lecisun 425 g


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Lanes Lecisun 425 g
An alternative to Lecigran that works in exactly the same way to break down fats but is sunflower based. It is also NON GM
Recommended Dosage
Take one 3.5g teaspoonful, three times daily. Lecisun can be sprinkled onto food or taken directly from the spoon. Do not take more than the recommended daily dose.
Sunflower lecithin. 
3×3.5g typically contain: 
Linoleic acid: 3.2g, Phosphatidyl choline: 2.5g, Phosphatidyl inositol: 2.1g, Phosphatidyl ethanolamine: 1.2g.
Nutritional Information
Three 3.5g teaspoonfuls provide 389KJ/94.7kcal of Energy.

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